In my art studio, i creates forms in clay and uses them to make moulds which will served to draw wax for casting bronze and/or resin. wood, welded iron often appear in my compositions. i realizes small works in bronze by myself and calls on the foundry in the event of an order for works of large invoices. It must be said that the concept is the key word on my work, then comes the material. Which mean i don't allowed the material to conditioned my inspiration .

Although i remains contemporary in my creative approach, my works can be described as a mixt of an abstraction and figurative art. I draws my inspiration from nature, human beings, and everyday life subjects then adds this to myself ( this unique moment i feels and sheer when creating each of my art works)and the touche .
get in touch if you are about to buy an original art work from Rene Jean, you can also support my work with a donation to keep the good work thank you. 

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