Rene jean amba

The artist painter sculptor was born in 1992 in Cameroon.

He began his artistic life early at the age of 10, in Ngoro, where he was bornd,

He was very talented and had the will to study and acquire knowledge in art,

at the Artistic Training Institute (IFA) of mbalmayo that he became acquainted with the artistic world in 2004, from which he graduated in 2011. René is curious, and he listens to all activities that come close to his field. He created his art studio amba-art during the same year.

Amba-Art (@ambaart20) • Photos and videos of Amba-Art (@ambaart20)

he is also a member of the international artistic collective INANA NETWORK which organizes and creates artistic residences between local artists and foreigners in Europe with the aim of integration.

Having a very refined taste in visual arts,René continues his studies at the University of Yaoundé 1 FALSH (the faculty of arts letters and humans sciences) in the Department of Arts and Archaeology, where he studied fine arts and art history.

He works in his studies, and collaborates with renowned artists from his country to enrich himself with advices and experience, which has also allowed him to familiarize with several materials. This justifies its multidisciplinary.

In his workshop, the contemporary artist creates forms in clay which he uses to make moulds that will be used to draw wax for casting bronze and/or resin. Plaster, wood and even welded iron often appear in his compositions. . It must be said that the concept is the key word in his work, then comes the material.

His works are very characteristic, powerful, imposing, and rich in content, the artist has been able to create a path between the concept, the material and the spirit that he attributes to his works. Its charm appeals to gallery owners, art collectors, designers of interior/exterior spaces, amateurs and art professionals.

He draws his inspiration from nature, human beings, and everyday life subjects then adds it to (his inner self, this unique moment he feels when creating each of his works ). His work highlights the moral and physical beauty of the human being as living in symbiosis with and surrounding elements. The artist in his production is then interested in the lines and external forms of his subjects such as muscular orientation.

His encounter with the international opens new perspectives. and he pursues his dreams.

Each of his arts works reveals an extraordinary texture combined with a patina that gives them the final touch. As for works made of wood or other materials that can be carved, he practice direct carving or assembly in this case.



He participates in several collectives exhibitions, seminars and artistic residency in Cameroon and internationally.

2012 art competition and exhibition at the German cooperation GIZ, on women’s rights Yaoundé Cameroon.

2016 exhibition Bulli project art room organized in the arts room of Colony hotel and Arkin GROUP in girne cyprus

2017 exhibition integrates art Thessaloniki in Greece organized by inana network of which several artists shared their experiences during an artistic residency.

2018 exhibition the old blacksmith, art gallery 240a rue dufferin, stanstead, qc job 3e3 8762282 . Quebec canada .


2019 solo exhibition at the Gothic House of Argentona, Spain. under the theme migration beyond injustice and prejudice.

2020 this same collection was exhibited solo, at the press house capgross de mataro. Spain

2020 we received another invitation from the urban municipality of Canet de Mar where this same collection was exhibited for its third time in (solo exhibition) Spain

René is still working on other projects that will be shown shortly.

Despite all this determination, he still remains little known and hopes one day to find an opening where his work will be appreciated as such. Very motivated by his own convictions, disciplined work, he is curious and continues in his perpetual search for lines and volumes to better express himself.

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