The concept come first then the materials follow.

Welcome to amba art. Created in 2011 to share with you the results of my research in visual arts. After studying fine arts and having knolege in art histry, i understoot that drowing painting or sculpting can be easy to do, but the hardest thing ever is to be an artist. since then i started my way on creating original art pieces. i work on humanism because we all know what we are made from. And i believe that art is the content, the concept, the ideas beyind de creation then the materials followed. I am open to any future collaboration, enjoy your visit and if you have any question, let me know on a contact below.


a familly lion made with gypsu on a pine wooden base
Height 45cm, Width 39cm, Depth 41cm /
Sculpting technique using a polymer product (natural, artificial or synthetic) to make a sculpture.
Sculpture technique using an artificial material obtained by grinding and firing a mixture of limestone and clay.
Sculpture technique using metal wire made of iron or steel.
Sculpture technique using metal, a generally malleable, ductile and light-reflecting material.
Sculpture technique using small mineral grains (quartz) separated and joined together to form a sculpture.
Sculpture Technique

Sculpture is an artistic activity which consists of designing and producing shapes in volume, in relief, either in the round (statuary), in high relief, in bas-relief, by modeling, by direct carving, by welding or assembly . The term sculpture also designates the object resulting from this activity.
Height 80cm, Width 22cm, Depth 20cm /
Height 33cm, Width 32cm, Depth 16cm /
bronze sculpture on a wooden base
sizes: 70cm H / 14cm D/ 20cm L 2014
don’t let me down